Latest News

  • Design Team Vacancies

    The creative team behind Rainbow Serpent are looking for Web Developers & Graphic Designers to join the team.
  • Lost & Found 2014

    Our Lost and Found Co-Coordinator for 2014 now has the records of lost and handed in items. Most of the wallets, keys, phones, cameras and bags have been returned to their owners.
  • Rainbow Serpent After Party - This Friday Night!

    Feat: The Orb Live, King Unique, Dousk, FreQ Nasty, Spoonbill, The Mollusk, Bas Bin Laden + more!  Tickets are on sale now!
  • Evolve Gallery Comes To Melbourne This Friday!

    The Evolve Gallery at Rainbow Serpent will be coming to Melbourne! Join us for a Post-Rainbow art & music event featuring a fabulous exhibition of visionary artists infused with the sacred soundscapes of the world's best sonic alchemists.
  • Rainbow Afterglow This Saturday!

    This coming Saturday at Ceres Environment Park, the vibes from the 2014 Playground stage will be in full swing. Featuring Zion Train live, Slamboree Soundsystem live, Cello Joe live, The Underscore Orkestra, Mortisville vs Grant Lazlo, Uone + more!

Tickets On Sale Now

Wow this year is moving quickly!  It’s about time we sat down with all of you and had a chat about important dates coming up and our ticket pricing structure for 2014.

Firstly tickets go on sale to our mailing list members July 16.  Mailing list members as of May 30th will receive an email with their promo codes and instructions sometime during the week before.  If you weren’t on the mailing list then you’re not trying hard enough, please don’t send us emails begging for codes it doesn’t work.  Don't forget to check your spam folder and if you miss out spend some time making sure you're correctly signed up so it doesn't happen again the following year.

Tickets go on sale to the public around July 23rd.

Physical tickets will not be in shops until the General Presale round usually sometime in September.

2014 Pricing Structure
We didn't raise ticket prices in 2013 (apart from first round) but due to the increasing cost each year of creating our incredible temporary city in the middle of the countryside and looking after all of you properly, ticket prices for 2014 have incurred a modest price rise.  Please remember the "On The Gate" price is designed to be a deterrentso you buy your tickets earlier, that way we have an idea of numbers to ensure our facilities are adequate, there is plenty of opportunity to purchase tickets at a lower price.

  • First Round EB - $220 +BF : SOLD OUT
  • Second Round EB - $250 +BF : SOLD OUT
  • General Presale - $280 +BF
  • On The Gate - $320

(BF = $9 Booking Fee + delivery)​